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FORBES – „Bday, the romanian app that helps you choose the right gift for your loved ones”  

START-UP.RO – „Bday, the app that reminds you of your friends’ birthday and helps you get gifts to their liking”  

BIZIS.RO – „Bday, the app that will make you a better friend”

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Start by downloading the app (for IOS here, Android here)

Allow notifications and Bday will help you remember birthdays and anniversaries. 
Feel free to set the Notification time as you see fit.  
Enjoy being in the know!

Prior to personalizing your account, enter your phone number in the required field and you’ll receive a verification code via SMS.

You’re almost there! 
Now start making Bday your own, just jot down your name and, most important, your birthday!

Bday app creates a fun and warm experience by accessing your phone contacts so that your friends and family are connected to you & your gift wish list.

Very important, your contacts are not stored, nor shared with third parties, yours is the only party the contacts will attend. After granting access, Bday will show you a list of friends that already use the app.

Showing love to your dear ones on their birthdays has never been this easy. And fun!

So, make sure you’re not keeping the good stuff to yourself: invite your friends and family, especially the usual gift givers, to download Bday app. 
And, perfect gift seekers, stop trying to read minds and spread the Bday app cheer to the friends that seem to have everything!

Apart from being a birthday reminder, a perfect gift revealer, Bday is also a reliable group organizer if you’re planning to offer a collective gift.

Forget about multiple apps and chat groups, with the Bday group chat you’ll actually save time deciding what gift to offer. Organize parties in no time, choose the right gifts, and enjoy an endless potential of memorable experiences now that the struggle is out of the way.

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