Welcome to Bday Magic XP! 

It’s high time you stepped app your gift game!

Tech makes the magic happen and Bday is spicing up the experience with an awesome in-app game that will increase your real-life gift gains. 

Cast Bday gift spells with your friends while doing EXACTLY what you did so far. 


LIKE spell can be cast anytime you browse for inspiration and the magical skills of a fellow Gift Magician impress you. Its powers will boost the gift to the realms of popularity.


WISH spell conjures a gift from another wishlist and teleports it directly to yours. Its powers are preserving your strengths. 


GATHER spell is cast when adding stuff to your wishlist. The power of this magical trick stems from logic: wishlisting gift options creates the truest path towards the perfect bday gift – the one paved by yourself. 


SUMMON spell gives you unlimited power to invite your friends to become Gift Magicians by transcending the app realm. Every time a friend becomes Gift Magician in Bday app, you’ll get a Friendly Boost.



Conjure the perfect anniversary gifts and stay tuned for Bday Magic XP prizes.

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Starting 19.06.2019, ending 18.07.2019

Use the app like you usually do and recieve points for every inapp action.


Daily login 1 point

Like gift 2 points

Wish gift 4 points

Add gift 8 points


Friendly Boost - 16 points. Every time a invited friend joins Bday.

Celebration Boost - 32 points. Every day one randomly selected user receives this boost. 

Bday Loyalty: Earn at least 1 point for 21 days and we double your points, do this every day and you get a 4x boost.

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Real life prizes

Top 200 users will recieve prizes:

1st place: 2.000 lei emag.ro voucher

2nd place: 1.500 lei emag.ro voucher

3rd place: 1.000 lei emag.ro voucher

4th-10th place: 500 lei emag voucher

Not in top 10? No problem, we got more gifts for you! All the top 200 contestants will recieve custom phone accessories.

But, wait, there is more...!

chance to win

If you don't make it to the top, don't worry, Bday has your back!

At the end of Bday Magic XP a randomly selected user will get to choose between a special edition red iPhone or One Plus phone 


real life party

It's time to celebrate, so get your party hat on and show your magic on the dancefloor! 

Top 100 and 20 randomly selected users will recieve an inviatation to Bday's 1st "birthday" party (you may also bring a friend). Bday app is way more fun when your friends join in!


Great news, everybody is a Gift Magician just by using Bday app!


Earn Bday Magic XP by using the app daily and climb up to Top 200 


Earn Bday Magic XP by using the app daily and climb up to Top 200 


This is where you want to be! 

Welcome to the top, Master!



Gift Master 1


Gift Master 2


Gift Master 3


Gift Master 4


Gift Master 5


Gift Master 6


Gift Master 7


Gift Master 8


Gift Master 9


Gift Master 10


Gift Wizard 200


To protect your privacy, we’ve anonymized your personal information, please check your in-app profile page to see your accumulated points. Data displayed above refreshes every 3 hours

Official contest rules can be found here.


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